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Smart Manufacturing | SGT Green Technology | 上海帝合电子信息技术有限公司

Smart Manufacturing

SGT uses VR-AR-MR and Smart Sensor IC technology, data intelligence algorithms  to solve the process of enterprise intelligent control. Different BPM module systems are available that fit into each enterprise process.

Intelligent Process Control System

Distributed Business Intelligence Control

  • IPCS –  Intelligent Process Control System is a novel type of business process control system (BPM), which is based on the System of Systems engineering theory and artificial intelligence technology.

  • SGT provides customized IPCS control systems according to the needs of enterprises. Diverse customization include “top-down”, “bottom-up” and other hierarchical automation control approaches.

  • Our technology enables the direct control of the information nodes. This direct data access methodology removes the traditional needs for the MES, SCADA and other intermediate automation platforms. This provides the industrial enterprises of different automation stages a fully adapted transformation process towards the smart manufacturing.

  • DBIC – Distributed Business Intelligence Control technology can also be applied to the business control system. It brings a new approach towards the business intelligence gathering and controlling.

  • The application is customized according to the operational environment and boundary conditions of the end user, in order to gain the maximum effectiveness of the targeted results.

  • Example applications areas include the interesting phenomenon of  ‘Machine operation – Storage’ control, where the inventory level control is mapped onto daily operation status of the machines etc.

End-to-End Integrated Management System

  • E2EIMS – End to End Integrated Management System is characterized by end-to-end-horizontal-vertical integration. It is a kind of control system which takes the production control process as the main and gradually diverges the intelligence control into each process end-node.

  • E2EIMS provides a holistic approach towards how the enterprise operations are managed. It enables management the direct access to the operations at the factory floor.